Week 4 - Day 2

Weekend Series: Ignite a Memory

DreamTeam Writer: Jaron Camp

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

My earpiece beeped, warning me that my emotions were interfering with the invisibility shield. I had to get my pity party under control. As my thoughts tried to find their way around the fog, a calming voice returned me to the moment.

 "So, how was your birthday breakfast?" Mom asked.

Out of habit, I opened my mouth, but her words weren't for my ears.

The younger me placed his hands over his stomach and blew out a long breath. "It was perfect."

My eyes followed her into the kitchen before I left. Everything was as perfect as the first time. It was time to keep it that way. I had spent years returning to this memory because it’s all I have, but research had finally revealed the truth about the events surrounding that day.

“Ananova, take me to 1619 Empyrean Lane, Christmas morning 1986. Wait, take me to the nearest gas station to the location.”

I purchased two cups of bland, lukewarm Sanka from a bored looking clerk at the gas station and headed out. It would have to do, as my options were limited.

“Ananova, give me the house layout and have my kit delivered in… twenty, wait… make it forty minutes.” As much as I wanted to finally end things, I wasn’t a monster. Giving the Sato family one last Christmas morning together would provide those kids with a memory they can hold on to. Just like I had held onto the memory of my seventh birthday.

Across town, younger me would be celebrating Christmas morning. A smile formed but quickly crept away as a man in a peacoat crossed the street, heading in my direction. He waved as he approached.

“Chasen! Merry Christmas, Chasen.”

“Are you addressing me?” My heart started pounding through my chest.

“You are Chasen Stone. Do you not recognize me?”

The man pressed two fingers behind his ear. “Ananova, update Chasen’s memory log. The constant jumping is scrambling his brain.”

“How do you know about Ananova?” A shock hit my head, followed by a cold rush. My eyes blinked into focus as the man in the peacoat held me up. “Duke, what are you doing here?”

Join us again tomorrow to find out what happens next in Ignite a Memory.

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