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DreamTeam Writer: CedarCreek Church

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Do you know what your next step is? God is always calling us to fully grow (or mature) into who we already are in him, but what to do next isn’t always as clear. Since it would be impossible to capture all the ways God is going to move in and through you, we hope these steps encourage you for when you’re asking the question, now what? 


  • Commit to attending the weekend service at least 3x each month.   
  • Read the LivingItOut Daily Devotional.
  • Consider reading one of the books of the Bible using our John or Luke reading plans.
  • Stream our Blessed series 1x per week for 5 weeks. 
  • Trust God with your money by taking a step of faith and giving a percentage back to him each week. 
  • Go public with your faith through baptism.
  • Memorize 1 Scripture verse each month.


  • Join an upcoming freedom group or plan to join a group this summer. 
  • Stream our Finally Free series 1 night each week for 6 weeks.
  • Give God your worries and concerns through prayer.
  • Meet a friend who is also a Christ follower and share a prayer request of something you’ve been struggling with, and encourage them to share as well.  Pray together.


  • Complete GrowthTrack and craft your personal purpose statement.
  • Memorize and know your spiritual gifts and DISC profile.
  • Re-visit your Purpose Statement and profiles for new insights and applications in your life, work, relationships, etc.
  • Make plans to attend this year’s Global Leadership Summit.
  • Stream our Adventure of You series 1x a week for 4 weeks.


Remember, this isn’t meant to be a checklist to be a better Christian. On this life-changing adventure with Jesus, we don’t arrive. Instead it’s a range of ways to help you both experience the rich and satisfying life (John 10:10) Jesus promised, but to also receive how God is continually transforming us to be more like him and will do so until he returns (Philippians 1:6).

It’s the best adventure of your life - as we get to know God better, we find freedom from the things that trip us up, dive deeper into the purpose he’s called us to, and ultimately love better those he has placed in our paths, making a difference in their lives– enjoy the ride!

Still not sure what your best next step is? Fill out this Connect Card and we will follow up with you.  


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